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When can you fish for cod?



Cod fishing

From mid-October to mid-January is the best time of year to fish for cod. This is because they migrate to spawning grounds in other areas at the end of January. It is best to fish in the evenings or nights. Then you have the best chance of catching them. But with an overcast sky during the day and a rough sea, you also have a chance of catching cod. Also at the end of ebb and flow tides you can catch a cod. When there has been a big storm you have the best chance of a fat cod. These are often driven to the coast by this weather.

Cod fishing tips

There are many tips on how to fish for cod. But the most important one is that you have to catch it in the winter. Approximately from October to mid-January. After that they move on to other areas. You also have a good chance of catching them during ebb and flood. During these tides the cod is driven towards the coast. Fishing during the dark days has also proven effective. Until 2 hours before high tide you have the best chance to catch cod. Many boat anglers look for cod in the deeper water during the day. This is often where the biggest cod fish can be found.
A cod can be quite resistant to flounder. So it's important to have a rod with a minimum casting weight of 200 grams.

Which bait is suitable for cod fishing?

When you go cod fishing, you first have to look for the best bait. We know that cod like to eat smaller fish. Fish, shrimps and crabs are therefore the most effective baits to catch cod. But when you want the best bait you can use the big black seaweed. Never be too frugal with bait because then you have the chance that he is too fast. A cod can bite very quickly and you don't want to miss it. The catch can vary from day to day because it also depends on the weather and dark times are of influence. The deeper the cod, the bigger it usually is.

Which rod will you use to fish for cod?

When cod fishing you need a good and sturdy fishing rod. Preferably one that can carry a lot of weight. You want to catch the biggest ones and that's not possible with a home, garden and kitchen fishing rod. These are rods of about 4 to 5 meters with a casting weight of up to 200 grams. This you certainly need with a strong current. And that's where most of the cod fish are. To have a good chance you need to cast at least 70 meters from shore. And the ideal line is 35/00 wire.

Cod fishing on the boat

On the boat, you use different rods for cod fishing. You usually use an up-tide rod of up to 3.5 meters. This is because you fish a lot more down than you do from the shore. If you choose to fish with artificial lures, a 2-meter rod will do. Most anglers choose to use a float reel, this usually has a slow transmission. Even heavy fish can be caught with this. Don't fixate on a system because fishing has a lot to do with the weather and you should adjust your rod accordingly.

Where can you fish for cod in the summer?

In the summer it's best to go to underwater mountains where you can fish. The cod is often in these areas in the summer and is then fine to fish. The plateaus around them are often full of fish as well. Because many small fish swim around here like the small pollock, you have a great chance of catching them. Cod likes to eat small fish so they will often catch bigger ones. Coalfish is also suitable as bait to catch cod. It's best to fish as heavy as possible without touching the bottom. This is where your rod can get stuck.

Winter cod fishing in Norway

The Barend Sea in Norway is one of the most popular places for winter cod fishing. This is because there are also huge schools of fish which are good bait for the cod. From mid February to mid April is the best time to catch a big fish. The depths at which you can fish vary from -30 to -90. If you're looking for the biggest ones, it's best to fish the top layer of water. When you feel a fish take your bait, just keep spinning. Only when your rod is totally bent do you strike!

How is cod caught?

When you are fishing for cod, you want to catch it. The best advice we can give you is to look for a plaice. This is where many cods are often located and therefore you will have the best chance of catching them. A strong fishing rod with a pilker is also a necessity. This fake fish has a great attraction to predators such as cod. The rod should have a casting weight of at least 200 grams. This is because the cod sometimes have the tendency to go berserk.

Where can you fish for cod?

When you go cod fishing it is best to go to wrecks. These wrecks are not only suitable for companies but also for sport fishing. Here you will find many larger specimens than you see in the North Sea. But on the North Sea there are also wreck sites where you can do great fishing. The most beautiful and large specimens are caught here. This is because the North Sea is very deep and the cod like to stay higher. It is a starting point for anglers who first start cod fishing. Later you can always visit beautiful places like Norway.

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The added value of a care agency




The healthcare industry is dynamic and constantly changing, making it both a challenging and rewarding work environment. But for healthcare professionals working as freelancers, finding the right workplace can sometimes be a complicated and time-consuming task.

A care mediation agency can then offer a solution to still get in with clients. But what exactly is the added value of an agency? And why would a healthcare professional choose to work through such an agency? We discuss that and more in this blog article.

What is a care agency?

Let's start by answering the question of what a healthcare mediation agency actually is. A healthcare mediation agency acts as a link between healthcare organizations and healthcare professionals. The agency helps healthcare organizations find qualified staff and supports healthcare professionals in finding suitable workplaces. Thus, a care mediation agency ensures a good match.

Assignments can range from temporary assignments to permanent positions in various healthcare facilities such as hospitals, nursing homes, home care organizations and mental health agencies. View a example of a care agency.

Benefits for healthcare professionals to work through a healthcare agency

Access to a wide network

A healthcare placement agency often has an extensive network of healthcare institutions. This offers healthcare professionals the opportunity to access a wide range of job opportunities that would otherwise be difficult to find.

But it also helps to get assignments. In fact, it happens that healthcare facilities do not do business with self-employed workers because they do not want to be dependent on "loose" workers, but seek a party that can provide replacement staff in case of illness or vacation.

Flexibility in work

For many healthcare professionals, flexibility is an important factor. A healthcare placement agency can help you find assignments that fit your personal and professional needs. Whether you prefer to work day shifts, night shifts, part-time or full-time, the agency can help you find the assignments that match what you are looking for in terms of flexibility.

Support and guidance

Working through a care placement agency means you are not alone. The agency provides support and guidance throughout the entire process, from application to placement and even during your assignment.

Better working conditions

Care placement agencies can often offer better working conditions than if you look for work independently. This is because they maintain good relationships with healthcare facilities and are aware of market-based salaries and fringe benefits. As a result, you can often count on a fair salary and good working conditions.

Opportunities for professional development

Many healthcare agencies invest in the professional development of their healthcare professionals. This can take the form of continuing education, workshops and trainings for healthcare. By joining an agency, you will have the opportunity to keep your skills and knowledge up-to-date, enhancing your employability and career opportunities.

Benefits for healthcare organizations to hire professionals through a healthcare placement agency

Filling vacancies quickly

Healthcare facilities can find qualified staff quickly and efficiently through a healthcare placement agency. This is especially important in times of staff shortages or during peak periods.


Care placement agencies carefully screen and select healthcare professionals, ensuring a high quality of the staff they offer. This means that healthcare facilities can rely on qualified and competent employees.

Flexibility in personnel management

By using a placement agency, healthcare facilities can respond flexibly to changes in staffing needs. Whether accommodating sick leave, maternity leave or temporary peaks in healthcare demand, a placement agency offers a flexible solution.

All in all, working through a healthcare agency can be a strategic choice that contributes to a successful career in healthcare. It is a win-win situation for healthcare professionals and healthcare facilities.

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Narrowcasting, what is it and what can you do with it?




In the world of modern marketing and communications, the ability to communicate your message in a targeted and effective way to a specific audience is more important than ever. Narrowcasting or digital signage is a powerful tool to do just that.

More and more companies are therefore investing in digital signage. But what exactly is digital signage? And why should companies consider investing in this technology?

What is narrowcasting?

Narrowcasting is a form of communication in which specific messages are distributed to a specific audience at specific locations and times. Unlike broadcasting, where a message is broadcast to a wide audience, narrowcasting targets a targeted audience located in a particular place, such as a store, office, hotel lobby, or waiting room.

The benefits of digital signage

Targeted Communication

One of the key benefits of digital signage is the ability to tailor your message to a specific audience. By showing relevant content to people in a specific location, you can significantly increase the engagement and impact of your message.

For example, think of sales performance figures that you show only in the sales department. Or key figures that have to do with production and are therefore only shown in the production department.


Narrowcasting allows you to interact with your audience through touch screens, QR codes or mobile apps. This allows you to collect valuable feedback, engage users with your products, service or business and even offer personalized experiences.

Flexibility and timeliness

With narrowcasting you can quickly adapt your message. This makes it a flexible communication tool that allows you to respond to current events.

For example, you can adapt your message to changing needs, trends, or seasons. This ensures that messages always remain relevant and current, which increases the effectiveness of communication.

Improved customer experience

By providing relevant information, promotions, or entertainment in strategic locations, you can improve the overall customer experience and keep customers engaged with your brand or product longer.

For which companies is digital signage interesting?

Narrowcasting is particularly interesting for companies that:

- Have a physical location where they can interact directly with customers, such as stores, restaurants, hotels, or health care facilities.

- Want to tailor their message to a specific audience at a particular location or time.

- Want to foster interaction and gather valuable feedback from their audience.

- Want to be flexible in updating and adapting their communication content.

- Want to improve the overall customer experience and strengthen their brand.

In short, digital signage is a valuable tool for delivering targeted and impactful communications to a specific audience at the right time and place. Good to know: some vendors only provide digital signage software, which means you have to arrange screens yourself with another party. Other parties, such as MediaMyne, provide complete solutions. Decide for yourself what you are most comfortable with and take that into account during orientation.

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Personal loan or revolving credit: here's how to make the right decision!




Personal loan or revolving credit: here's how to make the right decision!

Has your savings account thinned out considerably recently? And are you now forced to make a major expense (again)? Then you may be short of money. In that case, borrowing money is an excellent solution. But this must be done responsibly, of course. Usually you get the choice between a personal loan or revolving credit. While almost all of us have heard these terms at least once, few people really know the difference between the two. How do you make the right decision? And how do you make sure you don't cut yourself off financially?

Borrowing responsibly is how you do it

Borrowing money is still somewhat of a taboo subject. Most people have grown up with the idea that borrowing is bad. However, nothing could be further from the truth. Borrowing does indeed cost money. It is cheaper to save for yourself. Provided it is done responsibly, there is nothing against it. But it is important to make the right decisions.

Fortunately, lenders are already helping tremendously with this. For example, you can't borrow an unlimited amount of what you want. Based on your monthly income and expenses, they calculate the maximum amount you can borrow. This way you know for sure that you can also pay everything back and that you don't risk getting into trouble.

We like to think of borrowing as reverse saving. If you have a big savings goal, you will put away a monthly amount to achieve it. With borrowing, this goes the same way. Only then you will have the amount in your account sooner and then pay back parts of it yourself. In other words, reverse savings.

Consider carefully whether you really want to grab the maximum loan. If the lender has determined that this is your absolute maximum, it also means that there is very little further slack. Therefore, it may be nicer to borrow a little less than the maximum.

Differences between a personal loan and revolving credit

A personal loan is a loan where everything is fixed. This gives you a lot of extra security. The interest rate is fixed, the term is fixed and you know exactly how much you are going to pay monthly in principal and interest. This gives a lot of extra peace of mind. Moreover, this is a very good option for people who know they are having trouble making their loan payments on time. Now they have a good stick to keep themselves from getting into debt. With a personal loan, however, it is important that you know in advance how much money you need.

A revolving credit gives much more flexibility. You determine the limit together with the lender. This depends on your income. You also discuss what monthly repayments and interest will be paid. Furthermore, you get to decide how much you withdraw. Even after repayment you can withdraw again. The interest rates for revolving loans are not fixed and are usually higher than for personal loans. 

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