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Strong woman



Strong women

Have you always dreamed of being a strong woman? You can achieve this yourself and you can also see the results of this soon. You don't have to spend all day working on your diet and working out. But you need to be aware of your lifestyle and what you eat and do. If you are already aware of that then you have already achieved a lot. Everyone is built differently, some have more muscles than others, but how do you feel in your body? Maybe you would like to get stronger and have more muscles. How about your stamina? Is your condition good? Can you cycle longer distances or run or walk for example? It is also possible that you do not find that so important and that you rather focus on how you can become stronger. But actually, all factors are related and fitness and strong muscles are things that hold together. If you walk a lot you will get strong thigh muscles for example, you don't even have to have trained for that. This can happen by itself and if you have children and for example a dog then you often walk extra. Who knows the beginning is already made and you can now go one step further with becoming a strong woman.  

Muscle mass woman

More and more people are looking for information about female muscle mass. It's always interesting to delve into that because it's a bit different than muscle mass in a man. The muscle mass in women is set at 28 to 41%. For men it is between 37 and 55%. Actually, it can be said that a woman has much less muscle. But there are also a few factors that influence this, such as age. What does that look like?

  • Women between the ages of 20-29 have a muscle mass of between 34 and 39%.
  • Women between the ages of 30-39 have a muscle mass of between 33 and 38%. 
  • Women between the ages of 40-49 have a muscle mass of between 36 and 41%. 
  • Women between the ages of 50-59 have a muscle mass of between 29 and 34%.
  • Women between the ages of 60-69 have a muscle mass of between 28 and 33%. 

So take a good look at which age group you fall into and then you can see if you want to continue training to develop some more muscle mass as a woman. This is of course not an obligation, but it may be that you will feel more comfortable with it. 

Dry training women

Muscle building is a slow process and that is why dry training women is also important. A woman has to take into account many factors to get and keep a fit and tight body. Women don't always choose to train with weights, but it does have advantages if you do, because you get more strength and muscle mass. Your stamina will also improve, your metabolism will be faster, you will get a better night's sleep, you will have better balance and stronger bones and joints. You also get more self-confidence and you have less chance of annoying injuries. When you talk about dry training, it's about training intensively so that your fat mass is reduced to a minimum. There are many women who do this at home, but make sure you don't go overboard. It's a good idea to take your time and look at what you want to achieve and how you can do this at your own pace. You should not force anything and certainly not spend the whole day training. Your body also needs moments of rest to recover. Give it time, then you can get used to dry training as a woman and become a strong woman and build muscle mass. You will be proud of yourself and you should be!  

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What is a Husqvarna sewing machine?




Husqvarna sewing machine

Husqvarna is next to Singer one of the most popular brands in the world of sewing machines.
They are known for the simplicity that the sewing machines offer. The ease of use combined with the quality and price ratio is one of the best in the world. They are also available in electric versions and online you will find many tutorials. It is also easy to order spare parts. Online you can find many pictures, videos and documents about them. On most web shops there is also a detailed description of the functionalities the Husqvarna sewing machine offers.

The history of the Husqvarna sewing machine

Formerly the Husqvarna sewing machine belonged to the royal family where they also received an award for. Originally Husqvarna was founded in 1689 for rifles and other weapons. It was an idea of the Swedish army. In 1872 the demand declined and they started developing sewing machines. This Swedish company has such a good name for a reason. For over 140 years they have been active in the sewing machine market and they know very well what they are talking about. Throughout the years they have developed into the number 2 sewing machine company in the market. Not only because of the large choice in sewing machines but also by the service. The supply of spare parts is becoming more and more important in the consideration to buy and they respond well to that.

Husqvarna sewing machine Brilliance 75Q

The jewel in the crown of the sewing machine world is the Husqvarna Brilliance 75Q. This ultra modern model features an interactive color touch screen. In 19 categories you can find 460 stitches that go up to 54 mm. You can also sew letters on clothes in 4 different fonts. So you can create a beautiful text for any theme but also for corporate clothing and other products for which you need letters on clothing. Because of the high resolution and contrasts you can easily operate it with the supplied stylus. If you find this a bit difficult you can connect a USB mouse to the USB port. It also has a memory where you can save your own stitches up to 24 pieces. Also 11 buttonholes are preprogrammed.

Why people choose a Husqvarna sewing machine

The Husqvarna sewing machine is one that is available in all price ranges. So everyone gets the chance to start sewing. But also for the advanced sewers they have the most advanced sewing machines. For example, you can think of a built-in computer that knows exactly how to do certain sewing and quilting techniques. You can even find a touchscreen on the sewing machine with a color screen that is easy to operate. This can be done with the included stylus but also with a USB mouse. With just one push on the button you will make perfect stitches! The standard variants come with a sewing guide that teaches you 16 different stitches. They all come with standard needles, bobbins and presser feet.

Husqvarna-Viking Opal 650 sewing machine

The Husqvarna-Viking Opal 650 is a mid-range sewing machine that allows you to sew many things. With the built-in sewing guide, all you have to do is enter the fabric and select the correct operation. Then you can let the sewing machine do the work. Because you use pre-programmed programs, you also have fewer mistakes and the work is done with extreme precision. It has 160 standard stitches and 4 memories where you can save your own stitches. You can also easily make up to 7 buttonholes. It has 3 thread trimmers that allow you to quickly and easily cut the thread. The retractable feed dog makes repairing holes a breeze. With the small touch screen with numeric pad you can see exactly how big the stitches are on the screen. Standard you get a protection cap and 7 presser feet with this sewing machine.

The Husqvarna basic sewing machine model

If you buy a basic model of Husqvarna sewing machine you are often under 500 euros ready. It has 16 stitches and 1 phase buttonhole machine making it an ideal sewing machine for beginners. You can set the stitch length and width up to 4 or 5 mm. This depends on the machine you choose. You also have an adjustable presser foot pressure so you always have enough pressure on the fabric. You can also easily insert a thread with the automatic needle threader. For people who repair clothing we recommend a slightly more advanced machine. This is because it has standard programs that can repair a hole with good precision.

Buy Husqvarna sewing machine

When you're looking for a sewing machine then Husqvarna is the brand that is recommended. They offer a good quality price ratio so you already have a good machine for less than five hundred euros. But you also have around 700-800 euros all a preprogrammed sewing machine where you also have special stitches in it can set. With a display you also get an overview of the stitches and sewing happens with even more precision. But Husqvarna is also a brand that exists for over 140 years. Originally, this is a company of the Swedish army which, after the declining demand for weapons, has made a new start with sewing machines. The standard accessories that Husqvarna delivers are of great importance. There are many standard parts included that you would normally have to buy yourself.

Husqvarna sewing machine parts

Because this large company has been around for over 140 years and has developed many sewing machines, almost all parts are quickly available. When you choose for a company that has been active for a long time and produces many sewing machines each year, you will have new materials quickly available. Everything can break down once and repairing it is often cheaper than buying a new sewing machine. A Husqvarna machine usually comes with a 3-5 year warranty. So you know you are buying good quality because cheap can be expensive. And a sewing machine that gets stuck is the most annoying thing there is. Many people sew in the evening and then just can not use it. Because this brand produces in large numbers, the price for spare parts is low.

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What's a baby shower cake?




Baby Shower cake

Without a baby shower cake, the party is not complete. Often it is also used to reveal the sex of the new baby. But having a baby is also a party that needs to be celebrated. You can choose a normal whipped cream cake with a pink or blue filling. But it is also possible to compose a completely new cake on your wishes. Examples are a wedding cake with pink elements or shoes for a girl. And a blue almost bridal cake with blue elements or shoes. But everything is possible these are just some common examples. The first baby shower was held around the 18th century. This was mostly with silver plates, cutlery and cups. Nowadays everybody does it and there is no class attached to it.

Ideas for a baby shower cake

Depending on your wishes and the number of people coming, there are many ideas for making a baby shower cake on the internet. But of course you can also just make it yourself with your husband or other family members! One of the most common examples is the cake with a blue and a pink shoe on it. This is to keep it exciting whether it will be a boy or a girl. But among the younger mothers there is also a lot of choice for a kind of plaster cast of the body. Of course to scale, but then the belly with a nice dress and good breasts in the color that suits the gender. A classic is the cake with multiple layers when you have many people visiting. As long as you can all enjoy it.

Making a baby shower cake

You can also choose to make your own baby shower cake. A classic cake is the one with pink and/or blue mice as you see at a maternity party. This way you go a step further but keep the original of the classic mice cake. For the blue mouse cake you can choose to use blackberries and blueberries. These will enhance the blue color of the cake. For a girl's cake you go for raspberries and strawberries. They will give a spice to the pink mice on the cake.

The birth of the baby shower

The baby shower first appeared in North America around the age of 18.e century. This was especially popular among wealthy Americans. Of course, organizing such a baby shower was a lot of work. Think of baby shower cups or cakes. But also drinks or goodie bags. Back then, silver plates and cups were mostly used. This was to show how rich you are. At this time the mothers-to-be also received gifts from the guests. In the Netherlands, too, it is a tradition we can no longer imagine doing without. So are you or do you know someone who is pregnant? Then organise a fun day to remember with a baby shower.

Why make a baby shower cake?

You do want to celebrate the arrival of a little one, don't you? The party is not complete without a beautiful babyshower cake. Even when you are just pregnant. You are not allowed to drink alcohol so every reason for a party is a nice bonus. It is important to be able to enjoy yourself during your pregnancy. Because towards the end the pains come back and then you have something positive to think about. And it is also important for your partners or family. They will have to help you with the last mile and can therefore also use a little time out.

Difference between baby shower cake and maternity cake

The difference between a baby shower cake and a maternity shower cake is mainly the moment it is given. A maternity cake is given when the baby is born. The baby shower cake on the other hand is given when you are pregnant. Consciously or unconsciously, you do not always know the gender when you are pregnant. Therefore, there are many variations available. But the most popular is the one of a gender reveal. This way not only you know what it will be but also all the guests.

A baby shower cake is indispensable during this unforgettable day

Yes it is time for the baby shower! You are going to celebrate your pregnancy with friends, family and acquaintances. But this may also be the moment to reveal the gender. A baby shower cake is indispensable. It can be filled with blue or pink filling, so you won't see it until you cut the cake. During this party people will bring you all kinds of nice gifts. Think about clothes for the baby or toys for example. It is your day and enjoy this unforgettable day throughout your pregnancy. Memories help you through the hardest period.

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What is vegan candy?




Vegan candy

Vegan candy is candy that is produced without animal products. You can often recognize it in supermarkets by the label vegan. But you can also order many types of vegan candy online. For example, most dark chocolate bars are sustainable and vegan produced, even the private brands. But also the famous sour candies of, for example, a look-o-look. There are also many types of chewing gum and licorice vegan. Too much to mention in one paragraph. So it's pretty easy to eat or snack vegan. And most of the time we already do this without thinking about it.

Vegan candy and chocolate

There are many types of vegan candy and chocolate. Many types of candy already contain the label vegan without you consciously buying them. For example, Haribo has dragibus and sour or salt bombs. But also the Fruittella sweets or the house brand variants of these are vegan. Some types of sugar-free sweets are also vegan, such as liquorice or pastilles. But you can also have a healthy snack with Zonnatura products. The more pure chocolate is made the more chance you have that this is also a vegan product. Not just Verkade's but also the well-known house brands in the supermarket. Or how about the delicious cherry bonbons or peanut brittle with a chocolate coating?

Vegan cake

When you think of vegan candy, you want to be able to eat a cookie in between meals. Fortunately, this is possible because there are several types that are vegan. For example the oreo cookies that are nowadays produced without milk and are therefore vegan as well. But also the delicious little punselie cookies. In addition, many Verkade biscuits have been made vegan, such as the face noir and the kletskoppen. But even healthier cookies like the pally biscuits are all vegan. Or the classic coffee cup that should not be missing from this list.

Vegan candy pastries or other treats

Of course, there are also many types of cakes that are made vegan. These should not be missing at a party or when there is something to celebrate. Take for example the apple crumble cake from HEMA. This is a favorite among many people and is completely vegan. But even the Bijenkorf department store is responding well to this trend. They have a cake with lychee and vegan cake in their range. But also the apple strudel from the freezer is vegan. This is something that flies like sweet biscuits over the counter during the winter days and Christmas. But Action's ice cream sandwiches and apricot flans are also completely vegan. So you don't have to go to a lot of trouble to live a little healthier and think about the animals.

Vegan in between candy

Also for between meals there are several vegan candy types that you can grab. Not only the normal cookies but also a liga evergreen. Or how about those delicious rice cakes with dark chocolate. But even the Liga oat kick that gives you just that little extra energy is vegan. Gingerbread and sesame crackers are often vegan too, but make sure the products do not contain honey. Often when honey is added to a product it is no longer vegan. But also the newcomers like lu time out cereal biscuits and bolletje goed bezig are vegan products. However, you need to make sure that you have the crispy variant of bolletje. Of this variant we know 100% that it is vegan.

During hot days vegan candy ice cream

There are several types of ice cream that are vegan and taste like candy. Take for example the sorbet ice cream that you have in different flavors. But also the delicious coconut ice cream from Aldi and jumbo. But classics like pear ice cream or other variants of festini are often vegan. Just check the label and the ingredients used. A newcomer is the Swedish brand, which offers soy ice cream in vanilla and raspberry flavours. But also the waffles and cones you often get at the ice cream man are vegan produced.

What to do if you don't like vegan candy?

If you don't like vegan candy, there are also savory varieties. For example, most types of natural chips are vegan. But also many flavors of Kettle and crocky are vegan. They mention this on the back of the bag. But Pringles has not been left behind either, for example with the paprika flavour. But classics like cheetos and nibbit also contribute to a more sustainable society. Or what about the different types of tortilla chips also a responsible choice. Of course it's not healthy but everyone has a snack once in a while. But also the Japanese mix and salty sticks of different brands are often vegan.

Vegan candy

Sinterklaas comes to the country only once a year and then he brings along different kinds of vegan candy. The most delicious and popular is the kruidnoot which you can buy from different brands. This is 9 out of 10 times made without animal products. But also the chocolate letters, especially the pure flavors are often vegan. Fairtrade is also a brand that offers more and more vegan products during the holidays. Or how about those delicious marzipan potatoes or bars these are also just vegan. Speculaas is a must have during these days and especially those big chunks. Good news is these are usually also vegan. Always check the packaging before you buy it.

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